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About Us

Home Baked Goodness


We bring your idea to Baking! Ask it and we will do it for you. Our specialty lies in giving life to your thoughts and ideas. We specialize in customized cakes for any occasion be it weddings or birthday parties or any reason you find to have a celebration!! Make each day special with our mouthwatering delights which include home baked cupcakes, tarts, hand crafted designer cakes and desserts perfect for any occasion.  

Handcrafted with utmost care


Every item is made to order using the finest ingredients, and decorated with love and utmost attention to detail! 

We use only the best ingredients sourced from around the world. 

Our Egg-less versions are equally popular!

Made to Order Only

  Lil'Delights is a home baking unit. 

We don't have any shop or outlets in Chennai. All our cakes are baked fresh on request. We need 5-7 days advance notice for all customized cake orders.

- Sangeetha


A walk down Memory Lane..


I wonder if I would have laughed, smiled, fallen off my chair or shouted ‘Are you nuts?’, if someone had suggested to me that I should be running a specialty home-baking business 10 years ago! But before getting there, let us go back in time beginning with my introduction. 

I am Sangeetha Potty, the sole owner of Lil’Delights, a home-baking business which I started in July 2011.

I grew up in a traditional Kerala family where both my parents were excellent cooks as well as very particular about what I and my brother ate at home. Kitchen work and learning essentials of cooking was a mandatory skill and compulsory subject at home and my mother was my tutor and mentor. However, Baking was not one of those!
As a child growing up, my parents supported me to explore my interests in sports as well as cultural and non-traditional hobbies! I progressed along representing and competing in school, district, university, state and national level events in badminton and Bharatanatyam / Mohiniattam. Representing in state and national level events took me on these month long camps conducted by SAI / BAI which is were I developed my sweet tooth for baked goodies, cakes and pastries. Slowly this evolved into trying my hand at home on baking. My initial baking was done using the much loved old kind of oven which my mother used to make Naankattai, which slowly graduated into the microwave and then the OTG.

I finished my Electronics and Telecommunications engineering and spent the next 13 years in IT. Having spent my early professional career of 13+ years in IT , baking had been self taught and interesting to me only as a hobby or to satisfy the sweet cravings of my husband and kids. One of the interesting by-products of my successful IT professional career with companies like HCL, Satyam, Cognizant and Hexaware is that it took me around the globe on work as well as while accompanying my husband on his travels. This allowed me to explore food from different parts of the world as well as the baked goodies which were not available outside of the pricey star hotels in Chennai and further interest was kindled for me to become more adventurous in trying out some of the stuff that we had abroad by scrounging through recipe books and the internet. I am sure as it is with many of you, my guinea pigs were my family on all my kitchen escapades and baking adventures!

After working 13 years in IT I quit my job as my second one was born! In 2011, once my little one was nearing 2, I started having more free time and began to wonder, what next? Go back to IT? No way!

A new beginning..



It was around this time when I had also started baking more for my friends and family and business opportunities were also beginning to open up. Folks in Chennai were looking for baked goodies outside of the usual suspects and there were distinct opportunities for such ventures. Thus was born Lil’Delights, my third child so to speak in July 2011. When this venture began 8 years ago, with prodding, cajoling and support from my family, I will be lying if I said I was not afraid or apprehensive. With the support of my dear family and friends, I decided to give it my all.  

It started out with baking for friends, then friends of friends and then to references from social networks. Newspapers, bloggers and reviewers in social media were beginning to cover home bakers and I was one of the lucky ones to be covered in The Hindu, Indian Express and Times etc. Our repertoire has grown as well to now go from cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, tarts and brownies to specialty themed cakes, wedding cakes, baking classes and European desserts!  

Since starting Lil'Delights, I am constantly reminded of Professor Phunsukh Wangdu’s (!) exhortation and evangelical zeal for people to follow their passion and search for excellence and success will surely follow. I now know that my second calling as a professional is the one that I am truly passionate about and each day of baking has been an unrestrained joy. Hours of art work sometimes leaves me with literally a broken neck / back but I am up the following morning to watch my next creation brought to shape.  

It is the love and kindness of my customers and little words of appreciation, the comments of you all on Facebook pages, smses and what’s app messages that keeps me going, stay motivated and push myself to keep learning, exploring and innovating! This journey would not have been possible without your continuous love and support! 

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